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Animated Atlas of Asthma

Language: English

Published by: Focus Medica India Pvt Ltd.,

Validity Period: 365 days



The Animated Atlas of Asthma is a collection of 20 animated videos that clearly accentuate the physiological changes that occur in disease development, inductive agents and elucidate the immune response with disease progression. These animated videos and images provide understanding of the diagnosis and basis for therapeutic techniques in the management of Asthma making the Animated Atlas of Asthma an excellent reference source.

Course Curriculum

The respiratory system
Gaseous exchange
Airways in asthma
Peak flow test
Histamine challenge test
Monoclonal antibodies for asthma
Metered-dose inhaler
Allergic asthma
Immune response to antigen
T-cell response to antigen
IgE cross-linking in allergy
Skin prick test
Pharmacotherapy for asthma
Antihistamines for asthma
Decongestants for asthma
Bronchial hyper-responsiveness
Pulmonary or lung function tests
Airway mucus
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