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Digital Anatomy Atlas

Language: English

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This concise regional anatomy atlas of the human body is a digital reflection of various dissections. The atlas is divided into sections based on regional anatomy. Each section covers the regional anatomy regarding osteology, surface landmarks, and dermatomes, followed by discussion and detailed dissections and their clinical aspects – again elucidated through animation videos. Detailed Atlas to recognise and comprehend Dermatomes, Anatomical positions, planes, and dissection layers.

This most comprehensive Animated Anatomy Atlas, with over 24 hours of animated videos and an exhaustive array of illustrations, provides a multimedia approach to learning. This concise regional anatomy atlas of the human body is a digital resection of various dissections ideally suited for medical, dental, nursing, physiotherapy, and other health sciences students.

Course Curriculum

1. Head and Neck - Surface landmarks and dermatomes
2. Skull - Front view
3. Skull - Lateral view
4. Skull - Superior and posterior view
5. Floor of the cranial fossa
6. Base of skull
7. Mandible and hyoid bone
8. Face and scalp-muscles, vessels and nerves
9. Parotid gland, infratemporal fossa and submandibular gland
1. Orbit boundaries and contents
2. Eyelids and the lacrimal apparatus
3. Eyeball - Layers, Coronea, Iris and Lens
4. Septum and Lateral wall of the nose
5. Paranasal air sinuses
6. External ear, external auditory meatus
7. Tympanic cavity - Walls and contents
8. Internal ear
9. Pharynx and Oral cavity
10. Coronal section through the nasal and oral cavity
1. Anterior view of neck
2. Lateral view of neck
3. Posterior view of neck
4. Root of neck
5. Vicera of the neck
6. Lymphatic drainage of head & neck
7. Sagittal section of head & neck - Midsagittal section
8. Sagittal section of head & neck - Parasagittal section
1. Meninges and Dural Venous Sinuses
2. Cerebrum - Surfaces, Sulci and Gyri, Functional Areas
3. Interior of Cerebrum - Nuclei, Horizontal and Coronal Sections
4. Thalamus and Hypothalamus
5. Brainstem - External Features
6. Brainstem - Internal Features
7. Cerebellum - External Surface - Superior and Inferior, Interior and Peduncles
8. Ventricles of the Brain and CSF Flow Dynamics
9. Blood Supply of the Brain
1. Back - Surface features and dermatomes
2. Vertebral column - Overview of bones and joints
3. Regional vertebra - Cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral and coccygeal
4. Meninges - Spinal
5. Spinal cord - Exterior
6. Spinal cord - Internal features
7. Spinal nerves
8. Back - Superficial muscles, deep muscles, and blood supply
1. Surface landmarks and dermatomes
2. Thoracic cage
3. Female breast
4. General disposition of the viscera within the thoracic cage
5. Superior mediastinum - Boundaries and contents
6. Posterior mediastinum - Boundaries and contents
1. Pericardium
2. Heart - External surfaces
3. Heart - Chambers
4. Valves of the heart
5. Coronary circulation
6. Venous drainage
7. Conducting system of the heart
1. Lungs - Surfaces and relations
2. Lungs - Tracheobronchial tree, bronchopulmonary segments
3. Lungs - Pleura, pleural cavity, pleural recesses
4. Lungs - Thoracic autonomics
5. Lungs - Thoracic lymphatics
1. Surface landmarks and dermatomes - Male and female
2. Anterior abdominal wall - Muscles, nerves and vessels
3. Inguinal canal anatomy
4. Posterior abdominal wall and diaphragm
5. Stomach and spleen
6. Duodenum and pancreas
7. Jejunum and ileum
8. Colon
9. Liver - Surfaces, relations, segmental anatomy
10. Extra hepatic biliary apparatus
1. Articulated Bony pelvis - Male and female
2. Pelvic viscera Male
3. Pelvic viscera Male - Sagittal section
4. Pelvic viscera female
5. Pelvic viscera female - Sagittal section
6. Pelvic diaphragm
7. Vessels and nerves of pelvis
8. Rectum, anal canal and ischiorectal fossa
9. Surface landmarks and dermatomes - Male and female
10. Superficial perineal pouch - Boundaries and contents - Male
11. Superficial perineal pouch - Boundaries and contents - Female
12. Deep perineal pouch (urogenital diaphragm)
13. Male urethra with prostate
14. Penis
15. Scrotum and contents - Testis, epididymis, spermatic cord
16. Vagina and female urethra
1. Surface landmarks and dermatomes
2. Sternoclavicular joint and clavicle
3. Shoulder joint, scapula and humerus
4. Elbow joint, radius and ulna
5. Articulated hand
6. Pectoral region - Pectoralis major, minor, clavipectoral fascia, deltoid
7. Axilla - Boundaries and contents
8. Front of arm- Boundaries and contents
9. Back of arm - Boundaries and contents
10. Front of forearm
11. Palm
12. Back of forearm
13. Dorsum of hand
14. Blood supply and lymphatic drainage of upper limb
1. Surface landmarks and dermatomes
2. Hip joint and femur
3. Knee joint, tibia and fibula
4. Ankle joint and articulated foot
5. Front of thigh, inc femoral triangle
6. Medial compartment of the thigh
7. Gluteal region and back of thigh
8. Popliteal fossa and back of leg
9. Front of leg and dorsum of foot
10. Sole
11. Blood supply and lymphatic drainage of the lower limb
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