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Animated Atlas of Ulcerative Colitis

Language: English

Published by: Focus Medica India Pvt Ltd.,

Validity Period: 365 days


The Animated Atlas of Ulcerative Colitis is a comprehensive collection of 22 animated videos pertaining to the pathophysiology, symptoms, causes, risk factors, diagnosis, treatment and complications of ulcerative colitis.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to ulcerative colitis (UC)
Types and symptoms of ulcerative colitis (2:00)
Extraintestinal symptoms of UC (2:00)
Pathophysiology of ulcerative colitis (2:00)
Immunology of ulcerative colitis (2:00)
Role of TNF-alpha in ulcerative colitis (2:00)
Genetic susceptibility in UC (2:00)
Diagnosis of ulcerative colitis (3:00)
Serological markers in UC (2:00)
Complications of ulcerative colitis (2:00)
Microbial involvement in ulcerative colitis (2:00)
Anti-inflammatory drugs to treat UC (2:00)
Immunosuppressive drugs (2:00)
Anti-TNF treatment (2:00)
Surgical care for UC (2:00)
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