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Animated Atlas of Nociceptive Pain

Language: English

Published by: Focus Medica India Pvt Ltd.,

Validity Period: 365 days


The Animated Atlas of Nociceptive Pain is a comprehensive collection of 35 animated videos pertaining to the perception and transmission of pain to the brain via the nociceptors and nerves, the physiology of pain transmission, biological molecules that regulate sensation of pain, types of nociceptive pain, and their treatment using drug therapy or nerve stimulation.

Course Curriculum

Tissue damage - thermal, mechanical & chemical (3:00)
Nociceptors - types (3:00)
Somatic pain (3:00)
Visceral pain (3:00)
Cancer pain (3:00)
Nociceptive pain mechanism (3:00)
Fast pain signal transmission (2:00)
Slow pain signal transmission
Protein kinases PKA and ERK in pain-related synaptic plasticity (2:00)
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor & modulation of nociceptive response in spinal cord (2:00)
Substance P in nociceptive neurotransmission (2:00)
Central pharmacology of nociceptive transmission (4:00)
Antipyretic analgesics (2:00)
NSAIDs and Coxibs (2:00)
Adjuvant analgesics for pain relief (3:00)
Opioids (2:00)
Basic mechanisms of opiates (4:00)
Transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS) for cancer pain (3:00)
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