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Animated Atlas of Hemochromatosis

Language: English

Published by: Focus Medica India Pvt Ltd.,

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The Animated Atlas of Hemochromatosis is a comprehensive collection of 22 animated videos pertaining to the genes involved in hemochromatosis, the mechanisms of iron uptake and metabolism by cells, types of hemochromatosis, pathobiology, diagnosis, treatment and complications.

Course Curriculum

Cellular iron uptake and intracellular iron storage (2:00)
Intracellular iron metabolism and iron homeostasis (2:00)
Hepatic iron metabolism and extra-hepatic iron overload in hemochromatosis (2:00)
Hemochromatosis - Introduction (2:00)
Secondary hemochromatosis
Neonatal hemochromatosis (2:00)
Transfusional iron overload (2:00)
Chronic hemolytic anemias (2:00)
Hepcidin and hemochromatosis
Role of lactoferrin in hemochromatosis
Serum ferritin test and serum transferrin saturation test
Cardiac abnormalities in hemochromatosis
Hemochromatosis arthropathy (2:00)
Iron chelation therapy
Therapeutic phlebotomy (2:00)
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