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Animated Atlas of Diabetes and its Management

Language: English

Published by: Focus Medica India Pvt Ltd.,

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The Animated Atlas of Diabetes & its management contains informative visuals on Diabetes, its types, contributory factors and treatment options available including the use of DPP-4 inhibitors, represented through captivating and realistic 11 animated videos.

Course Curriculum

Pancreas and pancreatic cells - Anatomy and functions
Diabetes - Introduction and types (3:00)
Insulin - Functions, signalling pathways and proinsulin conversion
Glucose metabolism - Insulin-mediated regulation, glucose transport proteins (2:00)
Beta granules - Storage pool, exocytosis
Incretins - GLP-1 and GIP (2:00)
DPP-4 - Structure and function
Obesity, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes (2:00)
Diabetic nephropathy
Atherosclerosis, stroke and peripheral arterial disease (2:00)
DPP-4 inhibitors
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