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Animated Atlas of Dermatology

Language: English

Published by: Focus Medica India Pvt Ltd.,

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The Animated Atlas of Dermatology is a collection of 39 videos that clearly accentuate the physiological changes that occur in disease development, inductive agents and elucidate the immune response with disease progression.

Course Curriculum

Anatomy and Physiology of Skin (4:00)
Bacterial Skin infections
Fungal Skin Infections (2:00)
Skin Infections due to viruses, arthropods and protozoans (3:00)
Dermatitis - Introduction and symptoms (3:00)
Dermatitis - Causes and Risk factors (3:00)
Acne - Introduction, types and causes (3:00)
Psoriasis - Introduction and symptoms (2:00)
Psoriasis - Causes and Risk factors (3:00)
Hair and Scalp disorders (3:00)
Hair and Scalp disorders - causes (3:00)
Urticaria and blistering diseases (3:00)
Drug reactions on Skin (3:00)
Ultraviolet rays and skin diseases (3:00)
Skin Malignancies - Introduction and symptoms (2:00)
Skin Allergies (3:00)
Antioxidants and their role in skin protection (3:00)
Immunology of Skin (3:00)
Pathophysiology of Dermatitis and its complications (3:00)
Pathophysiology of Acne and its complications (3:00)
Pathophysiology of Psoriasis (3:00)
Complications of Psoriasis (2:00)
Pathophysiology of Alopecia (3:00)
Pathophysiology of Dandruff (2:00)
Pathophysiology of Photodermatoses (3:00)
Pathophysiology of Xeroderma (Dry skin) (2:00)
Complications of Xeroderma
Physical Examination of Skin (2:00)
Skin Testing
Radiologic and Image Techniques to diagnose skin diseases (3:00)
Skin biopsy (2:00)
Skin care - Moisturizers and Sun Screen (2:00)
Laser and Phototherapy (3:00)
Topical Therapy in Dermatology (2:00)
Systemic Therapy in Dermatology (2:00)
Skin Surgery (3:00)
Skin Graft (2:00)
Skin Rejuvenation Therapy (2:00)
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