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Animated Atlas of Cholesterol & CVRM

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Cholesterol, a fatty substance obtained from diet or by de novo synthesis in liver, is an important part of the cell membrane as well as precursor for several hormones. It is packaged into lipoproteins for transport through plasma. Increased levels of cholesterol are the primary risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Apart from lowering plasma cholesterol levels, managing the risks for cardiovascular diseases include diagnosis and treatment of associated conditions like hypertension and diabetes. The Animated Atlas of Cholesterol & CVRM is a comprehensive collection of videos pertaining to the types of lipoproteins, their role in cholesterol metabolism and atherosclerotic plaque formation, treatment options to reduce cholesterol levels, hypertension and diabetes, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Course Curriculum

Cholesterol metabolism (2:00)
Lipoproteins - structure, function and types (2:00)
Reverse cholesterol transport (2:00)
HDL - structure and functions (2:00)
LDL - structure and functions (2:00)
Triglycerides (2:00)
HMG-CoA reductase in cholesterol synthesis
Hypercholesterolemia - familial and non-familial (2:00)
Atherosclerosis - atheroma formation (2:00)
Complications of atherosclerosis (2:00)
HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (2:00)
Lowering cholesterol absorption in the intestine (2:00)
Fibric acid derivatives - role in reducing cholesterol levels
Nicotinic acid derivatives (2:00)
Combination therapy to reduce LDL-cholesterol (2:00)
Bile-acid-binding resins (2:00)
Angioplasty and bypass surgery to treat atherosclerosis (2:00)
Hypertension in cardiovascular disease
Dyslipidemia (2:00)
Insulin resistance and atherosclerosis (2:00)
Metabolic syndrome (2:00)
Adipose tissue in cardiovascular disease (3:00)
Myocardial infarction (2:00)
Total cholesterol and risk of CVD (2:00)
Smoking and CVD
Diet and cardiovascular disease (2:00)
Genetics of cardiovascular disease (2:00)
Lipid profile and lipid testing
Advanced lipid testing (2:00)
Pharmacotherapy for cholesterol (3:00)
Pharmacotherapy for hypertension (3:00)
Pharmacotherapy for diabetes (3:00)
CVRM in inflammatory arthritis (3:00)
Cholesterol - introduction and sources (2:00)
Cholesterol synthesis and transport in body (2:00)
Types of cholesterol and their functions (2:00)
Increased blood cholesterol levels (hypercholesterolemia) - causes and symptoms (2:00)
Complications of increased blood cholesterol levels (2:00)
Atherosclerosis and its complications (2:00)
Diagnostic tests to detect elevated blood cholesterol levels (2:00)
Diabetes in heart diseases (2:00)
Hypertension as a risk factor for heart diseases (2:00)
Cholesterol lowering diet (2:00)
Treatment to lower cholesterol levels (2:00)
Treatment to reduce high blood pressure (3:00)
Treatment to lower blood sugar levels (3:00)
Angioplasty to treat atherosclerosis (2:00)
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