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Focus Medica, a digital publisher, has successfully adopted visual media to simplify medicine with the help of 3D animations. These much-needed digital audiovisual reference videos that explain intricate concepts in Medicine and Health have been created with the expertise and support of internationally reputed opinion leaders.

The impressive cache of Focus Medica’s innovative titles delve into human anatomy, chronic illnesses, diseases, therapies, procedures, and techniques making specialised information not only more comprehensible but also accessible as a valuable tool to a broad spectrum of the global medical community as also a lay person in every digital platform.

Driven by the vision of simplifying medical information through visual media, Focus Medica has published several innovative digital titles in Medicine & Health. It has the distinction of publishing the world’s first Animated Anatomy Atlases that reveal the inner recesses of the human body through incredible animation videos.

Additionally, Focus Medica pioneered the creation of the world’s very first ANIMATED Medical Dictionaries, covering essential therapeutic areas and diseases. These dictionaries facilitate learning medical terms through engaging visual content.

With over 40000 animated videos that make complex topics enjoyable and easy to understand, Focus Medica has virtually placed medical, scientific, and educational information at the fingertips.

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